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Road Transport Department


Kejara information is a Demerit Point Award System for traffic offenses listed under the Motor Vehicles (Demerit Points) Rules 1997. The Kejara Points are given to the motorists who have been found guilty of traffic offenses given through compounds from JPJ, PDRM or Magistrate Courts.

Kejara System offenders' records will be created through summonses related to the offenses, and demerit points will be calculated based on these offenses.

For Competent Driving License holders who have been suspended, the offender cannot drive or obtain other licenses whether Learner Driving License or other types of licenses to drive or ride a vehicle from any type of vehicle class during this suspension period.

Summons Enquiry

  • Visit to start the process.
  • Please register with the website if you are a first time user.
  • Login with your username and password.
  • Click Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan > Check & Pay RTD Summons.
  • Fill in the appropriate details to check and pay your summons online.

RoadTax Renewal

Just call 03 7801 8888 and we will assist you. You only need to tell us:

  • Vehicle registration number and IC
  • Type of vehicle
  • CC - Engine capacity
  • Year of manufacture
  • Sum insured
  • Windscreen (Optional)

We will then send you an email with the amount due for insurance and road tax. If satisfied, just click the "Proceed to Pay" button and we will deliver your road tax within the next working day.

The service is also available on MYEG's main page portal. This service requires you to register or sign in on the website.

LDL Application

Applications can be made at MYEG centres nationwide.

Eligibility for the application of LDL:

  • Aged over 16 years for class A, B2, B and C
  • Aged over 17 years for classes A1, D DA
  • Aged over 21 years for classes E, F, G, H, I and vocational license unless CON 18 years old
  • Pass Computer test Part 1 and the test results have been updated (still in force for a period of one (1) year)
  • LDL may be issued and renewed for a period of 3 or 6 months up to a maximum period of 2 years from the date of license issued

Required documents:

  • MyKad / passport original or a copy of MyKad / Passport applicants if the transaction is carried out by representatives
  • 1 color photograph (white background) measuring 25mm x 32mm
  • Visa is still in force (Foreigners)
  • Payment of RM20.00 for 3 months, 6 months of RM40.00 for class B and C. (Class A / A1 B2 single RM2.00). RM30.00 fee for 3 months (RM60.00 for 6 months) for the grade D or above.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer (Temporary)

STMS is a platform where vehicle owners can conduct an ownership transfer by doing an online transaction without visiting JPJ offices. This process enables registered owners to transfer the ownership to used car dealers temporarily for a limited time.

The Conditions For The Vehicle Owners To Use STMS?

  • This facility is limited to private cars only
  • The vehicle owner and the vehicle have no summonses and are free of blacklisted summonses
  • Owner has completed their bank loans
  • Owner is to be present at MYEG Services' appointed used car dealer's premises while the STMS process is conducted

Vehicle Ownership Transfer (Permanent)

STMSR is a virtual platform where a vehicle owner can make an ownership transfer without visiting the JPJ Office. The process enables the registered owner to change the ownership to the buyer (new owner) through online transaction provided that both parties use the 1Malaysia ID access (1MID).

The Terms For The Vehicle Owner In Using STMSR

  • Firstly, the owner (seller) and buyer have to be registered with 1MID access.
  • At the moment, the service is limited to individual private cars and motorcycles only.
  • The vehicle owner and the vehicle itself does not have any summonses or blacklisted summonses.
  • Bank's hire purchase is cleared (except for motorcycles).
  • PUSPAKOM's records have been updated.
  • The vehicle is registered in Peninsular Malaysia only.